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Accurate, up-to-date records are the backbone of your business and reveal problem areas and inform decision-making. Meticulous record-keeping of all daily transactions is the answer.


Paperless Conversion

A mountain of paperwork is daunting. You have more important things to do! Transitioning to a mostly paperless office is the answer.


Accounts Payable Management

It’s important to foster good working relationships with vendors.


Payroll Processing

Errors in payroll processing can be a headache for owners. The best medicine…doing it all for you from start to finish.Cash Flow Reporting/Management

Good cash flow analysis and forecasting are a must for small businesses. It puts you in the best position to adjust and plan for future success. No more bounced checks-we’ll work with you to find the most effective cash flow management strategies.

Menu and Product Analysis

There’s an art and science to the perfect menu. Process: cost every item, identify under-performers, and redesign your layout to maximize profits.


Tax Preparation

Taxes are difficult and time-consuming for most business owners. let us do the work to get you the best tax outcomes.


Reporting, Budgeting, and Forecasting

The goal is to work with you to understand your financial position and lay out a blueprint for the future. Whatever your past mistakes, we’ll help you look to the future, keep down costs, and maximize growth.


Financial Coaching

Expert, tailored business advice is crucial to succeeding in this tough industry. We’ll transform your time management, delegation, system implementation, goal-focusing, and problem-solving capacities. The past can’t be changed—let’s tackle the present and future head on.

Working closely with you on every part of your restaurant, from front-of-house operations to strategic, long-term planning…


Restaurant Tax Planning and Prepping

Most accountants simply prepare taxes with what is given to them. Very few genuinely understand how day-to-day operations affect your taxes.


Having a tax professional like Rising Path Accounting prepare your restaurant’s taxes not only saves you valuable time, but can help you save money by making sure you don’t miss any deductions that you’re eligible for! 


Rising Path Accounting offers restaurant tax planning and preparation in Chicago and nationwide. We know how time-consuming and difficult tax prep can be when you already don’t have enough hours in the day to get everything done. 


We’ve worked with some well-known restaurants, providing restaurant tax planning that helps simplify and streamline their operations as well as accurate tax prep.